- My experience at SL Benfica

In my role at Benfica, I took on the responsibility of producing video campaigns for social media, the website, and BTV - Benfica television. Additionally, I extended my creative contributions to enhance the content for Benfica Official Stores nationwide. While many of the creativities were crafted by other designers, I brought them to life by incorporating animations, dynamic elements, and occasional VFX.

I like to say that I 'got an offer I couldn't refuse.'

Joining Sport Lisboa e Benfica as a Motion Designer was a dream come true, as it is the football club of my life. Two years after submitting my CV upon completing my bachelor's degree, I stepped into a junior position, transitioning from a background in graphic and digital design

As I progressed within Sport Lisboa e Benfica, I assumed a key role in managing content for Benfica Official Stores. This involved overseeing content creation and distribution, allowing me to contribute to videowalls over 5 meters high and displays in Estádio da Luz Stadium, including LED panels and large screens. These experiences paved the way for my transition to Apatronics, a Digital Signage company, two years later

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